Product Spotlight: Spray Nozzle Sub-Assembly

By Dominick Esposito on June 24, 2016 In today’s current competitive market, manufacturers continue to seek new ways to become more efficient and cost effective with their production processes. Unfortunately, many decision-makers are wearing too many hats and cannot allocate the time or resources to find a solution. However, SRI has helped many of our clients alleviate some of these problems by providing sub-assembly as a value-added service. One such sub-assembly includes the Spring Loaded Spray Nozzle shown below.  ...

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Sub Assembly - Spray Nozzle

What is PPAP & Why is it Important?

By Dominick Esposito on June 9, 2016 If you have worked in a manufacturing environment you may have heard of the acronym PPAP, a process primarily used in the automotive industry. As the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly competitive and risk averse, more companies have begun to use the PPAP methodology in order to consistently provide high-quality products year after year, to maintain an advantage over the competition. So, what is PPAP and how can your company, regardless of the industry,...

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PPAP Title Image

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