Product Spotlight: Pressure Washer Soap Tank

SRI has supplied high-quality plastic injection and blow molded parts for over 12 years. We supply a variety of plastic components to the transportation, industrial and commercial industries. One such plastic injection molded assembly is the Pressure Washer Soap Tank pictured below.

Pressure Washer Soap Tank

Our customer requested a Soap Tank with multiple variations of mounting options to accommodate several equipment models. With the expertise of our in-house Quality Engineering Department, and in conjunction with our molding factory, we were able to develop a cost effective solution.

In the end, SRI engineered an adjustable tool design that could produce the Soap Tank with a variety of mounting features to meet our customer’s functional needs and cost goals. Our single, yet adjustable tool designed to mold this uniquely molded soap tank allowed SRI to meet and exceed our customers request for lower overall production costs.


This particular Soap Tank shown is used on industrial-sized commercial pressure washers. This version is molded in black polypropylene and uses a snap-on stenciled cap per customer specifications. Its capacity meets the customer requirement of 1.5 gallons (4.55L).

Due to the complexity of this seemingly simple component, the Soap Tank is made using a 2-step injection molding process. The process starts by first blow-molding the tank into its unique and somewhat complex shape.  When the tank cools, the second mold step is then applied to attach the mounting features on each side.

The tank is finalized for customer delivery with a rubber snap-on fitted cap which includes raised and painted letters and features shown above.

Specialty Resources, Inc., provides a variety of plastic injection molded parts ranging in size from miniature plastic pieces to large fluid filter and handling containers. Our factories specialize in large and small production runs to meet the needs of our customers.

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About the Author:

Dominick Esposito is the Director of Quality at Specialty Resources. He has led quality and engineering initiatives with start-ups and major medical, aerospace, semiconductor and automotive manufacturing companies throughout his career. Dom holds a mechanical engineering degree and is responsible for several design patents.

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