Product Spotlight: Spray Nozzle Sub-Assembly

In today’s current competitive market, manufacturers continue to seek new ways to become more efficient and cost effective with their production processes. Unfortunately, many decision-makers are wearing too many hats and cannot allocate the time or resources to find a solution. However, SRI has helped many of our clients alleviate some of these problems by providing sub-assembly as a value-added service. One such sub-assembly includes the Spring Loaded Spray Nozzle shown below.


Product Information

Sub Assembly - Spray Nozzle

This Spray Nozzle is used in the water-treatment industry, providing a critical application to our customer’s equipment. The spray nozzle is used in part with a deaerator system to remove oxygen and other harmful gases from the complete system provided by our customer.



Sub-assembly & Packaging

The Spray Nozzle sub-assembly provided by SRI consists of 11 individual components including washers, lock nuts, a large spring, and various stainless steel components. All 11 parts are supplied by SRI and assembled at our Chester Springs, PA facility. In addition to the assembly of the Spray Nozzle, a kit is provided that includes a gasket and two nuts. Once the sub-assembly and kit are completed, the two pieces are packaged into a cardboard box and sent out for delivery.

Specialty Resources supplies many different sub-assemblies that range in size, complexity, number of parts, and different commodity types which make up the whole unit. To see more sub-assemblies that SRI provides, click here to visit our Sub-Assembly Page. SRI also offers other various value-added services such as kitting, custom packaging, and supply chain management functions.

About the Author:

Dominick Esposito is the Director of Quality at Specialty Resources. He has led quality and engineering initiatives with start-ups and major medical, aerospace, semiconductor and automotive manufacturing companies throughout his career. Dom holds a mechanical engineering degree and is responsible for several design patents.

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