The commercial sector is comprised of many different industries, primarily involving manufacturers who sell direct to the end-user. This industry includes music, fire safety and prevention, cleaning equipment, medical products, and power tools and equipment.


Manufacturers of musical instruments require many specialty components and precision parts that are unique to a specific instrument. Specialty Resources’ customers in this industry are also in need of components that are visually aesthetic to their customers. SRI supplies parts such as plastic injection moldings, precision machined components, and decorative hardware.


Companies in the fire safety and prevention industry require safety-critical components made with specific materials needed to withstand severe temperatures and harsh environments. We supply components utilized in sprinklers, fire alarms, metering and detection systems, and valves.


Manufacturers of medical equipment depend heavily on SRI to supply the highest quality components. Our process capabilities and quality systems provide the durability and reliability expected for these demanding applications. The critical products used for the medical industry can be found in advanced imaging machinery, medical furniture, and therapeutic equipment.