Specialty Resources, Inc. supplies products to a wide range of industrial markets. Examples include manufacturers of machinery, HVAC products, boilers and heaters, utility and off-road vehicles, lighting, water treatment, and fluid transfer products.


Similar to the transportation industry, utility and off-road vehicles require stringent tolerances and safety critical specifications. SRI is proud to have ISO and TS certified global partners who meet the important safety requirements of our customers. Weldments, fabrications, stampings, precision machined components, and castings are a few of the components that we supply to this industry.


The construction industry comprises a wide range of activities that include the supply of safety critical components. SRI provides precision machined parts, plastic injection moldings, castings & forgings, as well as specialty high-strength hardware for the residential, commercial & industrial construction applications, roadway paving, excavation and demolition projects.


We supply a wide variety of components and value-added services to the HVAC industry. The HVAC industry consists of air conditioners, heating equipment, and ventilation units for the residential and commercial markets.


Boiler and water heater manufacturers have reduced their production costs with the help of SRI. We supply components to manufacturers in the commercial and residential markets. Components supplied include castings, stampings, machined components, specialty fasteners, and fabrications.