Due to its many advantages, castings have been a growing commodity for many of our customers. Casting is the process of pouring liquid metal into a mold or tool that solidifies into the desired product. Castings are generally used to make complex parts at a more economical price. Because of this, SRI’s casting capabilities have grown extensively over the past 10 years. Our global partners currently produce castings using methods such as sand, die, permanent mold, gravity, and investment casting.

There are many benefits in choosing castings as your manufacturing process. SRI has the ability to provide castings in many types of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, steel, bronze, iron, and more. Our global partners are also able to produce the most complex components from small hand-held components to large components that exceed 100 lbs. Utilizing our global sourcing network may result in significantly lower tooling costs when this manufacturing process is required.


Castings requiring secondary work are machined and finished at our global facilities in order to reduce production costs. To ensure our customers’ quality standards are met, SRI evaluates early development samples to assure compliance to all customer requirements and specifications. Extensive testing, analysis, and evaluation are performed at any of our several outside independent certified test labs. There, our components are checked to confirm material chemistry, microstructure, nodularity, physical properties, cast soundness, heat treatment and much more using state of the art destructive and nondestructive methodologies.



SRI provides high-quality forgings to some of the biggest names in each of the industries we serve. Forging is the process of shaping metal by applying compressive forces under various temperatures to create a desired shape. In large quantities, forgings are also economically beneficial due to the low cost of operation.

The forging process has several benefits for manufacturers. Due to the extreme forces, components manufactured by forging are often structurally stronger than other processes and can provide a more cost effective alternative to component manufacturing. SRI’s suppliers are able to provide both cold and hot forgings.